Today we had chicken fried rice for lunch.  It is so yummy and super easy to make.


Here is all you do.  First cook up a large quantity of rice, I used 12 cups of dry rice.  Next, cook up some boneless chicken breasts or whatever you have.  Cool both for ease in handling.  Mix both together in a large bowl adding some frozen peas and carrots or whatever veggies you prefer.  Place portions into ziploc baggies and freeze.


To use this thaw mixture and place in a large skillet along with about a Tbs of oil.  Cook until heated through.  Next push the rice over to the side and add another bit of oil, and some beaten eggs, as many as you like.  Cook the eggs until done but not dry.  Mix cooked eggs into the rest of the mixture and then sprinke soy sauce throughout.  Stir and taste.  Add soy sauce until you get the flavor intensity that you like.


Its really easy and very filling.