The fall is so lovely with the colors changing and the weather cooling.  And I love to pick out or make Christmas cards, and write out my Christmas list.  I love thinking of and making gifts for others during the holidays. 


Today was my shopping and errand day.  I did my boring uneventful grocery shopping, but since we are going into the holidays I got to have a bit of fun.  I picked out craft supplies and a small gift or two while out shopping.  Shopping isn’t much fun unless you can buy things that bless others.  And this being the season of giving, I have permission to do that, without having to beat myself up afterwards.


Right now my school room is filled with odds and ends to make several different projects.  I love seeing the bins filled with supplies I purchased be transformed into neat stacks of wrapped gifts.  I have several gifts made already, but none actually wrapped.  I guess I’m a bit behind, lol.


On the side of my blog I added a section to keep a running tally of hats I will have made for the homeless.  Perhaps my small contribution will spur on your creative juices, and you will bless the less fortunate in the way the Lord leads you this Christmas season.  Well, I had better be off.  I still need to make my homeless hat for today.