For a while I had my 18-qt table top roaster sitting on the floor.  The reason for this was a pantry that was just way to full of food to fit the roaster in it after I had used it.  So it sat on the floor in a “safe” place waiting until we could eat up some of the abundance that was crowding my pantry.  Unfortunately some of my children decided to roughhouse a bit and they stepped on the temperature control knob, snapping it into two pieces.  I did not notice this problem until I went to use it to cook up a huge quantity of beans.  It was really funny to try to set the temperature when the knob was broken, lol.  I had to match the two pieces together and hold them together to find out what it was set at.  But those beans got cooked.  Sometimes I am very determined.


And I am cheap.  There is no way I was going to replace my roaster oven just because of a broken control knob.  But I also did not want to spend a lot getting it repaired, or be inconvenienced every time I use it.  So I determined to buy super glue and fix it.  Of course every time I went to the store I forgot to pick up a tube of glue.  That is how my mind works, I forget things until I need them.  I am getting much better about that though.


Well today as I was reorganizing the pantry, I pulled my roaster out and fixed that knob.  Woohoo!  I can now easily set the temperature and use it as intended.  Tomorrow I will be cooking up another huge batch of  beans, so we'll see if the glue holds up or not.  I told my dh the worst that could happen would be it bursting into flames during use.  I will be very attentive tomorrow, lol.



Yesterday I made not only one hat for the homeless, but two.  So my count has increased to 23.  I bought a huge box and my goal is to have it full.  I am about 1/3 of the way there.  I hope each hat blesses the person who recieves it.  And I wish I could do a whole lot more.