Today I am thankful for…


—My Savior that shed his blood for my many iniquities


—My family that has so much patience for me


—My snuggly cats that keep my feet warm on chilly nights and mornings



Today’s verse to meditate on…


An elder must be blameless, the husband of but one wife, a man whose children believe and are not open to the charge of being wild and disobedient.  Titus 1:6


In the kitchen…


Bread baking day!


Crafting today…


—Homeless hat


—Last two knitted parts to a Christmas gift


—My poncho


Prayer requests…


—Continued healing for my family.  My littlest one awoke last night coughing and she and I ended up on the couch together.  We didn’t want to keep daddy awake.


—Strength for dh as he works so much extra overtime.


—Financial issues for so many that I know.


—That the Lord would bless my womb with twins, or that He would give my heart peace whatever He does.



Today’s verse got me thinking.  I was thinking about how important it is for me to be faithful and do my job on the homefront raising the children well.  If I slack off, it not only is a horrible thing for my children, but it also limits the capacity that my husband can serve in the church.  So, even though it is not all my responsibility to train up my children, I need to be faithful.  I need to be the helpmeet to my husband that I was intended to be.  That doesn’t mean that my husband doesn’t help with the children, but I need to remember that he is above me and I am his helper.  If I am weak and stumbling, then yes, he should step in and make sure his family doesn’t fall apart.  He is to ensure that his family is running well.  But when I am healthy emotionally and physically, I need to be faithful to do what needs to be done, without making excuses because I am really just to lazy to do it. 


Now onto onto a lighter topic.  I am halfway finished with my poncho, I am so excited for those cold mornings when I get up with my husband.  Now I will have something to keep me a bit warmer.  I am also planning on making some leg warmers.  I will wear them under my nightgowns and skirts when it is really chilly.  Not out in public though, they aren’t really my style, lol.


As I am making Christmas gifts, I thought perhaps I should make some extra things.  Not just for those inevitable surprise gifts that you end up needing for the new friend you made etc.  But to keep in my gift closet for those times when you need a quick gift.


So, does anyone have any ideas on simple, inexpensive gifts to make, that would store really well?  I would appreciate any suggestions.