I have recently made several blankie pets as gifts.  I thought I would share step by step instructions on how to make them in case anyone is interested in making any for the holidays.  I used this pattern.


These are the pieces you start with.  In this picture I have already embroidered the face on the fabric.


The next step after cutting out your pieces and getting the face embroidered, is to sew and stuff the head and paws.  Here I am sewing the head.


After sewing the head, before stuffing, you lightly stuff the ears and sew half circles in them.


After you do the ears stuff the head, leaving room at the bottom for sewing.


Then sew the paws, turn and lightly stuff, leaving room for sewing.


After the head and paws are finished quickly baste them together.  This will make it easier to sew the blankie together later.  Please excuse the blurry picture.


The next step is to sew the top layer of the blankie together leaving an opening of about 2-1/2" in the center.  This is the layer you will sew your pet head into.


The next step is easier to do if you do it by hand and don’t use a machine.  Insert the pet head (I did bears) into the opening that you left.  The face of the bear should face towards the smaller triangle.  Pin securely in place and stitch.  Make it strong.  Ignore the smudge on the cabinet in the background, cookies and little helpers, lol.


The next step is to pin the front and back blankie pieces together and sew around the edge, leaving about 3" open for turning.  The easiest way I have found to get it even is to pin the four corners first and then pin the edges.


Turn and stitch opening closed by hand.  Then top stitch about 3/4" from edge all the way around.


Tack the top and bottom blankie layers together in two places discreetly under the neck and paws.  Now your blankie pet is finished!