If you have ever read Teach magazine, you know what a wonderful magazine it is.  If you haven’t ever read it, you are missing out, and you should get a copy to read, lol.  It is such an encouraging magazine! 


When I get my copy of it, I set it aside and when I get time I take a nice hot bath while reading it.  It is lovely.  One section that I always enjoy looking through is the section of things they offer to sell in the Teach store.  Such wonderful things they offer, and I always want to buy something, of course I usually don’t have the money, lol.  But right now they are having a blow-out sale!  Yippee!  Here is the link to the sale so you can check it out yourself:



I am really wanting to buy the blow-out bargain #4.  Such a cute set and perfect for a Christmas gift.  Hopefully I can swing the extra expense this payday.


This sale has items that are up to 75% off and it ends November 22.  I better hurry and get my finances in order so I don’t miss this sale!


Well, I better go balance my checkbook.  If finances allow, I’ll let you know if I was able to afford the set I want.