I made my goal of 60 hats for the homeless. 





It feels so good to have actually done something.  And it was so good for the children to see and participate a bit by donating their odd balls of yarn.  It was such a simple thing, but hopefully my small example will yield big rewards in the future with my children as they grow and mature.


And, I discovered that the more you use the knifty knitter, you get callouses, lol!  I’m so glad I bought the knifty knitter set last year though.  It has really come in handy this year.


My children also enjoy the knifty knitter!


Here my #5 child, Mara, is modeling a hat she made with the knifty knitter.


And here my #4 child, Chloe, is showing how much fun she has with her knifty knitter, lol.


You can do lots more with a knifty knitter than just hats though, in case you are not a big hat person, lol.


You can make lovely holiday decorations.


And slippers (please forgive the horrible photo, it is before my new camera)


The knifty knitter can do all sorts of things, lol!  Of course you have to help it along.


In case my knifty knitting has inspired you, or you are just curious, here is a link to patterns and info on it.


How-to demonstration


Different looms and stitch instructions


Project patterns


After I finish some of my other projects, I would like to try the mittens on the loom.


Knifty knitting is fun, easy enough even for those that "aren’t crafty", and children love doing it.


Okay my sales pitch is over.