Today is going to be so busy.  First shopping with all the little darlings.  I’m spoiled, normally I only take one or two with me.  Then coming home and finishing the laundry so that I can make sure everyone has their best clothes for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are going to be in a Christmas parade to represent the homeschool community.  So we don’t want to look sloppy and ignorant, lol.  Then there will be the mad dash through the house to make sure all the children have their best shoes.  Somehow they always seem to disappear when we need them.  I almost think we will find them today and set them aside and in the morning they will be missing again!  I think I will put curlers in my two oldest girls hair for tomorrow since it’s so special.  That means I have to buy them, since I don’t own any, lol.  And I’m trying to knit ear warmer headbands for the girls and I, but I don’t think I will get them done in time.  Oh well, we can use them on park days.


Well, I better stop fooling around today.  I still need to pay the bills and make out my shopping list.  I’m just a bit behind.