This week has been so fun with the children.  We have made some projects and we will be making more.  Our hallway is looking really cute, lol!


We have also baked some cookies, and I attempted cupcakes, but ended up with them joined all together.  I guess I will have to work on that one, lol.


I have some other fun crafts planned with my darlings that we will do.  I need to buy some more supplies first though. 


Tomorrow I hope to finish my Christmas shopping.  I’m still having a mental block of what to buy though.  I guess it comes from not really needing anything and not wanting to buy things just to buy them.


Today my sister and my niece are coming over for a visit.  It should be fun, and the children are really excited.  My sister and I are going to go over the sale flyers from yesterday’s paper to see if there is any inspiration there.  My sister is so sweet, she took all of the hats I made and dropped them at the shelter for me.  Isn’t that sweet?


Well, its time to get going on something else.  Thanks for reading my rambles and have a wonderful day celebrating Jesus today!