He really is!  That of course is why I married him and why I am still madly in love with him, lol.   The reason I share how totally wonderful he is today is because he solved my laundry dilema (how do you spell that word anyway?).  I used to have overflowing hampers and laundry on the floor where my darling children would drop it after they bathed.  In other words a HUGE mess.  And even though I would wash laundry every day, it was always a mess.  My dh stepped in and saved us all.  I am so thankful!

We have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.  So, my dh suggested that I have a hamper for the boys, and a hamper for the girls.  I had one hamper left over, so I made that one for everything else.  It didn’t work perfectly, because the hampers were large, and would still get to overflowing and having all linens in the same hamper with dh and my clothing was sort of a mess.  So with dh’s help I took his idea for sorting a bit further.  I purchased four stackable baskets with an open front made by Sterlite and sold at Walmart for $5 each.  And I felt sooooo guilty for buying them for myself at Christmastime.  My poor dh had to encourage me and remind me it wasn’t just for me, but for the whole family and I shouldn’t feel guilty at all.  Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked here.  I took those 4 bins and labeled them.  I actually printed pictures of the children and stuck them on their bins so it would be more fun for them (again, dh’s idea, isn’t he great?).  So, the bottom is the girls bin, then the boys, then my and dh’s bin, then on top a bin for towels.  I stacked those other hampers and placed them into the laundry room, where they can hold blankets should one need to be washed it now has a place.  After either the boys or girls laundry is washed and dried, I place it on my bed.  The children now put away their own laundry!  Woohoo!  And dh is now my enforcer, he is being very firm about the children putting their dirty things in the hampers in the laundry room.  No more piles!

Now, you might be wondering why I am hanging onto the two extra hampers I now have.  Don’t worry, I have a plan.  For Christmas I bought the children costumes half off after Halloween.  I was thinking I would buy plastic tubs to store them in.  But now I will just use the extra hampers to hold them.  One for the boys costumes, and one for the girls. 

And a quick comment about homeschooling and the blessings of it.  My oldest is 12.  Now a public school boy of the same age around here is starting to look at girls, do drugs, and is becoming really embarrassed to "play".  It just isn’t cool.  But my 12 year old son, still has that innocence.  He still enjoys playing with his toys, and dressing up in costumes.  He loves video games and his music too.  And is maturing nicely, but he has no shame in playing with his younger siblings and actually enjoys them.  That is such a gift of homeschooling my children.  They stay children a bit longer, even though they understand more mature concepts really well.  They are not in a rush to grow up.  What a gift.

Well, I had better get my day started, my second son is awake and while it’s quiet, I want to get some time with him.  It’s so rare to have quiet one on one time just happen.  Have a wonderful day!