Yesterday, the girls and I mixed up three basic types of cookie dough and then froze them so they are ready to use.  We made, chocolate chip dough frozen in plops.  I have also frozen it flattened in a ziploc bag and then I just cut it in squares to bake.  The cookies come out square-ish, so its fun for a change.  We also made peanut butter dough, frozen as flattened plops.  And lastly sugar cookie dough, frozen flat inside large ziploc bags, ready to cut out.  Tonight I will bake some of each and arrange on a tray for our homeschool co-op Christmas party.

Normally every year, I make more than just these basic cookies.  I add fudge, lemon bars, snicker’s fudge, chocolate caramel cookies……but this year, finances won’t allow any fancy ingredients.  And that works out perfectly for this year, since I don’t want to put on another ten pounds eating all those yummy treats.  I was kidding around with my dh yesterday about how Christmas cookies just aren’t worth it.  They are a lot of work, just to add a few more inches to my waistline.  But it makes it more homey and special for the children.  And if I didn’t have to worry about my waistline, I’d be all for it, even with all the extra work.  So, next year hopefully I will be able to make more of the special cookies and treats for the children.

The children are really excited about the party.  We don’t attend the co-op a whole lot because of scheduling conflicts.  But we were asked to come so even though I feel a little funny and awkward, we are going.

I can’t believe it is so close to Christmas already!  I am so thankful I am finished with all my projects and I am not working until Christmas Eve like last year.  Last year was crazy.  I would lock myself away in the wee hours of the morning and at night when dh was home to finish the things for the children.  I think I learned my lesson though, lol.  Now everything is finished, purchased and wrapped, and I don’t know what to do to keep myself busy.  Now I just have a child-like anticipation and excitement, wondering if those recieving the gifts made and purchased will like them.  Isn’t it fun the wondering?

We are reading a book aloud in the evenings by Bodie and Brock Thoene called Why a Manger?.  Its a good little book to help us bring our focus back to Jesus this season.  It’s not very expensive, I really recommend it.  We are planning on reading it aloud every year to the children.

Well, the day’s chores are calling.  Have a truly blessed day.