I had placed my last school book order several weeks ago.  This is the last order we need before we can start the new school year.  Woohoo, it has finally shipped.  We should have it in the next week or two and then we can get going.  The children are going stir crazy.  The girls in particular are eager to get started.

I have recently made some good changes to my home.  I bought a chrome shelf for the laundry room.  Now I can fold the clothes and sort them directly in the laundry room.  The children can take their sorted clothes and put them away easily now.  No more piles of clean laundry all over the house!  Now to work on the piles of dirty clothes, lol.  If I would just limit myself the other things I’m doing I would have loads of time to get my laundry washed.  And hmmmm, maybe a timer around my neck to remind me that my laundry is ready to be switched out.   I think I will hunt for one of those.

Another thing that I have done, is to buy a 9-cubby cube shelf from Target.  Each child now has their own cubby for school supplies and books.  Very much more organized than the previous method we had been using of them shoving their books into the bookshelf any which way.

And finally I am creating a chore system.  I have tried many of them over the years and have not really found one I like yet.  I created some fun little chore booklets for each of the children:

But after making them decided that we needed a master wall chart because my children are super good at losing their chore cards/books etc.  And then when it’s chore time, they say they can’t do it because they lost their thing.  Having learned that I don’t enjoy dealing with that situation, I am creating a wall chart.  I’m using a magnetic white board that I have added lines to with detail tape from the office supply store.  Next I bought magnetic business cards and I’m printing pictures to stick onto the sticky part of the magnetic business cards so that the chores can be pictures for my littles.  They can check off completed chores with a dry erase marker.  I am so hopeful that this is the system that will work for us.

Well, it’s time to get off this computer and get some chores done.  You all have a wonderful day today!