I just finished sanding all but two of the boards needed for the beds.  Well, except the plywood sheets that are the bunkie boards.  I will do those last while the stain is drying on the cosmetic boards.  I just applied wood putty to the last two boards, and now they are drying.  When they are dry I will sand those two.  Then my sweet husband will drill all the holes and I will sand and stain them all.  Then we can assemble them.  I am SO excited. 

In case anyone is curiouse, this is where I bought the plans and hardware for the triple bunkbeds that we are making:  http://bunkbedsunlimited.com/   I will post pictures after they are finished.  I should have taken pictures as I went along, then you could get a good laugh on all the pics of me covered in sawdust.  I have never blown my nose so many times in my life.

We have our swamp cooler up now.  It feels wonderful to not have to hide in one room all day.  What a relief it is to have a home cool enough to function in.  It really opens my eyes to how spoiled and pampered I am.

Have a lovely day everyone.