Yippee!  We finished the triple bunkbeds.  They aren’t perfect, we have never built anything like this before.  But they look good, are sturdy and fit all three boys.  We still need to do some finishing touches on them, but they are ready to go and the boys have their new bedding on them and they are using them tonight.  My youngest son Noah, said that it’s just like Christmas.  How fun to have the boys love and be excited about something that we worked so hard on.  And this seems to be having a pleasant side effect.  My middle son Moses, who doesn’t normally read much, eagerly hunted up a good book to keep on his bunk to read.  Woohoo!

We had a bit of a problem tightening up the bolts while we were making them.  They just wouldn’t tighten up.  I was near tears, it was awful.  Funny how exhaustion makes tears so much more likely to happen.  I guess that never changes as you grow up, lol.  My oldest son Elijah and I, bowed our heads to pray and ask the Lord to help us and to make the way straight for us.  We opened our eyes and our little terrier Waggles was standing on her hind legs and she looked like she was praying with us.  It was too cute.  And when we went back into the room right after praying to help out again, it was tightening up just fine.  Isn’t God good!!! 

I’m sorry I won’t be posting any pics tonight though.  I am so sore and tired, that I don’t have the energy to even snap a picture.  And I still have to feed everyone dinner.  Well, I had better get dinner going for my hungry family.  Have a lovely evening all.