I woke up this morning after having dreamed about a house that my husband and I looked at years ago.  We were thinking of moving from our current home at the time.  A family friend talked us out of it.  The house in question wasn’t lots bigger than our house is now, but it was smarter if you know what I mean.  And it had lots of personality.  Our current home has zero personality.  Well unless you count the 6 personalities God has blessed us with as we have lived here.  Anyway I woke up despising the home we actually live in this morning.  As I groggily lay in bed thinking, I could come up with reason after reason to not like the home we are in.  But as I became more alert, I realized that what I do next is what counts.  I could continue on in my funk about my house.  I could whine, complain, mope or get a martyr complex because I don’t like my house.  Or I could choose to rejoice in the Lord and be thankful for the home He has provided.  I could get out of bed and cheerfully start my chores and worship my Savior while doing it.  I could put all thoughts of what could have been out of my head.  I could be thankful for today and work to be a good steward of what I do have.  I could choose to think thankful thoughts as I go about my day today. 

For instance, I can rejoice that my laundry room is just large enough for a shelving unit to sort my clean laundry onto so that the children can easily come and pick up their clothing to put away.  It has access from the hallway where their bedrooms are and the other side is where the washer and dryer are so that I can fold it and they can come from the other side to put it away.  That is cool.  I can rejoice that we have the most beautiful weeping birch trees in our front yard.  They are gorgeous.  I can rejoice that I have a long hallway that the children love to play in.  In other words, as I go about my day I can choose to look for things to be thankful for and praise my Father for them.

What I do next is what really counts.  I choose to be thankful today.