Have you ever been reading blogs and just stopped amazed at how interesting other people are?  I mean there are some folks that just have their hands in so many pots they are just incredible.  I was reading a craft blog and I read how the author of it is a dancer, choreographer, costume designer, mother of a young child……

Boy do I ever feel boring now.  I am, let’s see…..a wife, homeschooling mother and……..well I guess that’s it.   But you know what?  I never feel bored.  I’m busy all the time.  I’m tired most all the time, but I just don’t feel bored.  I guess I am not very interesting to anyone else, but I am fine to myself. 

Now what I wonder about all these wonderful interesting people is this.  How do they do it?  I mean how do they ever keep all those pots that they have their hands in from boiling over or burning them?  I am a person that very easily gets overwhelmed with just my normal busy-ness.  Give me extra things and I am likely to break down and cry.  Oh, who am I kidding, I like a good cry occassionally even without a bunch of extra things added in.  I read once that crying releases stress hormones, and ever since then I don’t feel bad at all for having a good cry.  I do it every few months whether I need it or not, lol.

So, here today I salute all of you interesting folks in the world.  You make this world a very colorful place, thank you. 

Now, this wife/homeschooling mother needs to go fold the laundry.  Maybe I’ll try to be more interesting and dance while I’m doing it