Yesterday we had lots of fun making soap and bath salts.  For the soap I just bought a kit from Michael’s.  I also bought some extra colorings because I was planning to use them for my bath salts.  But the package didn’t include the red it said it did, so I used the colors for the soaps.

First we started the soaps, the kit I bought only included 2 rubber stamps to place in the molds although the mold we had could make 3 soaps.  So we made two bars at a time.  It was really simple.  Just melt, scent, color pour and walla pretty soap bars.  My oldest girl loved doing this.  Here is a picture of our finished soaps:

Didn’t they come out cute?  The swirl and the blue colors were my dd’s idea.  She has good ideas 🙂

And here are our finished Candy Cane Bath Salts .  We used vanilla scent, because we couldn’t find any peppermint essential oil readily available in our area.  But I love the scent of vanilla, so I think they came out great anyway. 

I think these came out adorable.  The pattern for the knitted jar covers came from this blog here.

Well, I need to scoot.  Cookies are baking, laundry is going and I need to be busy and not playing on the computer.  Even though it is one of my favorite toys, lol.