I recently bought a mitten loom set from In the Attic.  I bought mine from an ebay seller and recieved free shipping.  I highly reccomend these looms and that seller.  I am hoping to buy the loom knitting book from them in the next couple months.  I love my loom set!  I have made two pairs of mittens so far.  I am making them for each of my children, but haven’t made them all yet.

Here is what I have made so far:


The blue ones are for my youngest.  And the black ones are for me.  I used the same loom for both pairs.  The little blue ones, I folded the cuff forward and inserted elastic in the middle to make it snug on my girlies wrists.  The ones that I made for myself are very warm so I’m sure that the blue ones are too.  I knitted doing 1 over 3 for the body of the mitten to make a tighter knit.  The cuffs I knitted in rib stitch using two strands.

I used the pattern that came with the loom pretty much for the black pair, except I did a ribbed cuff and thumb.  For the blue pair I adapted the one loom mitten pattern from Amy Kay.  I found that doing a basic plain e-wrap makes for a holey mitten.  So, I prefer to 1 over 3.  But I guess if I were using a bulkier yarn a plain e-wrap would work great.  The one loom mitten pattern is WONDERFUL!  It is very easy to make.

Now, I need to quit playing and finish up my Christmas crafting, lol.