On Thanksgiving, I gave away a pie to someone that had no dessert.  Can you imagine that?  That was a serious crisis so I had to give them one of ours, lol.  That left us missing a dessert though.  So I quickly made a red  velvet cake.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a red velvet cake because I only had about a quarter of the food coloring called for in the recipe.  Oh, and I didn’t here the timer go off when it was baking, so I kind of overcooked it, oops.  Anyway, I put the cake in the oven and realize that I had no powdered sugar for frosting.  So, I look in the fridge and I had whipping cream.  Out it came to make the frosting.  But I didn’t have any sugar still.  So, I dig in the pantry and find a vanilla pudding mix box.  I whipped about 1-1/2 cups of the cream almost and then I added in the pudding mix.  It tastes really yummy.  And it is very stable.  It isn’t too sweet it is just right.  I did overbeat it a bit, so I would add the mix in sooner next time.  But I will definately be making this frosting again sometime.  It came out pretty thick, so I think it would be great to be piped onto a cake for decorating.

I would show a picture, but my camera is being weird.  I can only get a few pictures out of it before it says the batteries are dead.  Even with new batteries, sigh.  Oh well.