I have made three of these for my little darlings.  They are doll beds/baskets.  I made them by using this pattern .  I adapted that pattern by using a size Q crochet hook, and by using 6 strands as one.  It took 6 skeins of yarn.  I just used basic Red Heart yarn.  I followed the pattern, except that I did not include the hood.  I decided I didn’t want it for this, and I wouldn’t have had enough yarn either.  And for the ruffled part I only used 4 strands as one, not 6.  When it was finished, I crocheted a chain using two strands of yarn as one.  The chain was just shy of the circumference of the basket.  I wove the chain in the top of the basket which stablized the edges.  You can see my chain in the picture, it is the pink  woven into the white.  I will be removing that and replacing it with white, because I think it looks better.  Then for the handles I crocheted a chain 21 chains long, using all 6 strands.  I made yarn flowers using the Knifty Knitter flower loom using 4 strands as one to wrap the pegs once.  I then attached the handles by placing each end 6 inches from the edge and placing a flower over the end before stitching the handle in place.  I loom knit my blankets and pillows, but you could crochet or knit them.  Whatever works well for you.  This will fit a 15 inch dolly, so if you wanted it to fit a larger doll than you would have to adapt the pattern more.

I think back on when I was a little girl, I would have loved something this "girlie" and sweet.  I hope my girls enjoy them as much as I would have.