But the prep work is exhausting.  We have a hallway that is about 20 feet long.  Today I have been scraping the walls of the chipping paint, which is turning out to be about half the paint on the walls.  Then I am patching the holes.  Right now I’m taking a little break because I’m tired, lol.  The children are behaving which is wonderful!  I’m trying to get my hallway at least primed so I can’t paint it next weekend.  I can’t lift the 5 gallon paint buckets to pour it out to use it when dh isn’t here so I’ll have to do this while he is off.  I have about 2/3 of the hallway scraped and patched.  I will finish the last 1/3 and then give it a little time to dry.  Then I will sand it and wipe it down.  Hopefully by late this afternoon, I can paint the primer on it.  It really depends on drying time for the patch.  Oh, and I will have to texture a couple spots too, so that plays into it too.

On top of that, my kitty decided to use the laundry in my room, and the girls room as a cat box so I have to clean and sanitize those areas today.  I know I should be mad at the kitty, but I didn’t get the box cleaned on schedule, and he has become particular.  I can’t really blame him, I wouldn’t want to go in a dirty cat box, ewww. 

And then there is the normal everyday larger than average size family work to do.  Meals to prepare etc.  I really wish I had enough money to just fast food it right now.  I know that’s awful for our health, but I am buried under a mountain of work and lightening the load any way would be wonderful.  For instance, I have about 6 loads of laundry on the couch waiting for the children and I to fold and put them away.  All of the floors need to be swept.  The children’s bathroom looks like a bomb went off and it was filled with toilet paper and wet towels with little bits of hardened toothpaste thrown in as shrapnel.

Hmmm, maybe I am being to honest here.  Let me switch gears.  My home is sparkly clean right now.  The children are taking over all of my normal duties while I work on the painting project.  They are sweeping and mopping, cooking and doing laundry, all while being blissfully happy and content.  Well, in my dreams anyway.