Today I am thankful for…


 The hallway being primed and ready to be painted (Thanks to my son E, who helped tremendously)


Today’s verse to meditate on…


 If one falls down,
       his friend can help him up.
       But pity the man who falls
       and has no one to help him up!

                  Ecclesiastes 4:10


In the kitchen…


Homemade Bread 


Crafting today…

Loom knit hanging toothbrush/toothpaste caddy

Projects working on today…


 Sanding, texturing and priming hallway


Prayer requests…

-For my sister, she is in process to be approved for dissability.  She needs approval badly as she can’t work, they should know this next month


-Our finances, it’s slow at dh’s work right now.  He had to come home early again today.  I’m just trying to trust the Lord to make our bills this month.


-For peace in my heart during this stormy valley in our life.



Why is it, that the older I get the more childish I become?  What is up with that?  Lately I have been very discouraged and feeling like the weight of the entire earth is on my shoulders (yeah, I have a martyr complex, lol).  So, my husband and I were talking before he went off to work this morning and he just bluntly spoke the truth.  Now, this isn’t the truth I wanted to hear.  I wanted flowery words, cuddles, and comfort.  With some sympathy and admiration for all I’m going through.  As if he isn’t going through the same thing.  Well, I did not get any of that.  He spoke the truth and then out the door to work he went.  Now after he left, did I sit and ponder the truth to his words.  No, of course not.  I pouted and justified my wants/desires and excuses.  I kept on thinking that I was miffed and I didn’t even want to talk to my dh.  Please keep in mind that I am the type that can NEVER stay upset at anyone.  I can’t do the silent treatment at all.  Which I guess is a pretty good thing, since it’s wrong, lol.  So, my husbands first break rolls around and he doesn’t call me.  So, then I get hurt!  I mean, am I in the first grade or what???

Now don’t get me wrong.  I want to be as a child in some areas.  I want to follow Jesus with a childlike faith.  I want to live each day with the joy of a child.  Just over the weekend, I was driving with my 6 year old.  We drove by a Burger King, and my little girl asked what kind of milkshakes they sell there.  I was off in my mind worrying about anything and everything, so I absently told her that they probably had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry there.  She got SO excited.  I was so struck with the wonder and excitement that she has over everything.  There is nothing special about their flavor selection, but to her it was very special and exciting.

I want to live with that kind of child likeness.  But I don’t want to act like a 6 year old in my emotions to my sweet husband.

So, it turns out that when my husband came home from work early and I started painting primer in my hallway, that the Lord finally got me to stop pouting and to humbly give some thought to what my husband had said.  He was right, I was wrong.  My heart wanted tenderness and to be treated like a fragile treasure.  But my heart needed a swift kick.

I am so glad that the Lord put me with the man I needed and not with who I would have thought I wanted.  God is so good.