But this time it’s in a good way.  I went out for our big shopping trip today.  We were out of almost everything, so it was a long one.  Because it’s close to Christmas and I might buy the children Christmas gifts, I got to go alone.  Woohoo!  A shopping trip with nobody rushing me or asking if we are finished yet.  So, because I was blessed with some quiet time, I went to Ben Franklin Crafts.  I hardly ever go there because I am usually rushed, and I am prone to make impulse craft purchases, lol.  Well, today I did really good.  I did buy something, but it was something I had been looking for.  I bought the Provo pom-pom maker.  I am so excited, I feel like a child with a new toy.  I made a pom-pom recently with my hands, but it required more trimming because it is really hard to do with only two hands, lol.  I already had the Doodleloom for making pom-poms.  It works okay, but it can be difficult to do use.  I sometimes get frustrated with it.  So, when I saw good reviews for the Knifty Knitter version, I really wanted it.  But, I didn’t want it enough to pay shipping costs for it, lol.  Well, they had it today!  I’m impressed with how large it is.  It really gives a large variety of sizes, many more than any others that I have seen.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  Also, it makes tassles.  So, that is an added bonus.