Recently I realized that my planning system wasn’t working for me.  I had switched to a small chore booklet that I printed up every two weeks.  But, unfortunately I kept misplacing it.  I loved having it pocket size, but pocket size also meant losing size for me.  So, back to the drawing board.  I created a new form to use with a clip board.  I can hang the clip board so it won’t get lost.  My new form has my routines on it with check marks, a M-F place to write specific things in, a menu planner, check marks for zone work, a section to write in projects I’m working on.  That is side one.  The flip side has an itemized shopping list so that I can just highlight what I need from the store.  A small one month calendar, currently December.  And it has my zone breakdown and a place for notes.  It’s a very nice form, lol.  Oh, the daily place also has daily check marks for WW points I’m allowed to have.  I put 29 for each day, because I’m allowed 24 plus a weekly bonus of 35.  So, I just made it 29 a day for simplicity.

I am really looking forward to using this form to help keep me on track in running my home.

I have this form here in MS Word format for any that might want to check it out.  I left it Word in case anyone might want to edit it for themselves to make it personal.

Well, I’m off to follow my list for today.  Have a wonderful day today 🙂