I am almost finished with my Christmas preparations.  I have a few things left to make.  I will post pictures of them as I finish them.  And I need to wrap all the gifts.  I’m behind on that because last year I wrapped early and my kitties were kind enough to unwrap the gifts.  So, I had to wrap twice.  I am not doing that again, lol.  I have some Santa hats to loom still, 4 toothbrush/toothpaste caddies, a hat or two, and I have to sew up the bunkbed caddies I have cut out.  I have to assemble all the gift baskets I’m giving.  That will be a huge job.  But these are all fun jobs.

And I have to get the house painted.  Fun, fun, fun.

Last night I loomed a hat using a new pattern.  It looks great right now, but I still have to get it off the loom.  I used a pattern in this book, it was very easy.

Well, I had better get my devotions done before the house gets too active.  Have a wonderful day everyone!