I’m collecting all the loom knitting books I can find.  So far I have collected these:

A Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps

(Great book.  Easy instructions, good patterns.  She has a second book coming out sometime in 2008, I will definately buy this.)

(The instructions are clear with pictures.  Great patterns!  I love this book.)
(This one appears to have more beginner patterns in it.  Very simple to make patterns.)
(Comes with loom that is slightly smaller gauge than Knifty Knitters.  Nice patterns, basic instructions.  Variety of projects.)
I have In the Attic’s loom knitting book on order and should have it in a couple weeks.
Pattern Book - Round Knitting Loom
I don’t have these books yet.  And I may or may not get them.
( flipped through this in the clearance bin at Walmart and wasn’t very impressed with the content.  Even at clearace price, I passed it up.)
(I am sure that I will buy this eventually)
(This one has lot’s of fun patterns in it.  I will probably be buying this one.)