Tonight we went to our little town’s annual Christmas parade.  It is a night parade, and it is all lit up and pretty.  It is also freezing cold, lol.  But, the children love it and it’s lots of fun.

Today we also had our first snow that actually turned things white.  It was so pretty.  So, because of the snow, and because of the parade, I got to test my homemade mittens out.  This morning I made snowballs, and the snow did not penetrate to my hands at all.  My fingers stayed nice and toasty.  And then tonight at the parade, my nose and ears were freezing, but my hands weren’t cold at all.  Yahoo!  My poor girlies were wearing storebought gloves and when we got home their little fingers were hurting from the cold.  I am going to work really hard to finish up the mittens for each of my children, now that I have confidence that they work really well.