I have been super busy painting, priming, patching etc.  But I have made progress.  My hallway is now finished.  And that was with patching new holes added after I had already patched and priming a second time after little hands covered in paint touched my walls in 5 places, lol.  I have also primed my bathroom and my kitchen and dining room.  Today I will paint those rooms.  This leaves only my living room to do before our Christmas party. 

Then I hope to get my wood floors glossy again.  We’ll see, but I really hope I can.  I haven’t gotten my gift wrapping done because I have been busy with the walls.  And everything is in a jumble because of things being moved out of the way.  But there is hope.  Soon all will be finished, and I will be able to sit back and smile at a job well done.

Now, in all this I forgot to pay the utility bills.  If you could all just pray that we don’t get anything shut off, because that would be a real mess.  And the utility companies here seem super eager to shut people off.  I don’t have any shut off notices at all, but I learned the hard way one year that that doesn’t mean a thing.  The water company is particularly prone to it.  So say a quick prayer, that nothing will get shut off for us here.  Thank you all so much.