Yesterday morning, I broke the pinky toe of my right foot.  Miserable, painful, not life threatening.  Except that I still had to paint my living room and I still have to clean my house for a party on Saturday, including polishing my wood floors with a high gloss floor finish, and getting the front yard in order.  So, I did what any other believer would do, I called in some prayer warriors.  I am so thankful for the prayers of the saints.  Thank you Momys weight-loss group!  I was able to get my living room completely painted and primed, do some laundry, and prepare meals these past two days.  Considering the pain, I am rejoicing and thanking the Lord for strengthening me in my weakness.  I did have a bit of help from my 13 year old son, but decided to go it alone today after his tennis shoe ended up in the paint container yesterday.  Now, the rest of the week I have at least 20-25 loads of laundry to do, the floors to polish and the main living areas to be deep cleaned.  But having accomplished so much yesterday and today, even with a "handicap" I am trusting that the Lord will help me through the rest of the chores. 

Now, I’m sure you are wondering if/why my children aren’t helping.  Well, I struggle with being a control nut, but my children have been helping.  Keeping things picked up, cleaning under furniture, loading/unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash… know the basics.  My girls put away the laundry that I folded tonight so I wouldn’t have to walk back and forth doing it.  They have been helping a whole lot.  But there is still lots to do, and I am pretty slow in asking/directing help.  I need to grow there.

Being exhausted from hobbling around today, I need to go and get some sleep.  Night everyone