The painting is finished.  All of the viewable rooms are tidy.  The Christmas get together/gift exchange is finished.  Everything is finished.   Ahhhhh…….rest.  How lovely rest is and what a wonderful gift from the Lord.

Yesterday was our family gift exchange party.  It was lots of fun.  Noisy, crowded, and chaotic, all that a family get together should be, lol.  I hope those that came had a good time.  We did.  My husband is looking forward to doing it again next year, he even is trying to come up with a way to make it more special for those attending next year.  Wonderful.  And I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor to prepare the house.  The walls are shiny, the floors are glossy, which is such a motivation for me to keep my house clean.  I think I found the equivalent of flylady’s "shiny sink" for my own home.  If my floors are shiny and picked up, it really motivates me to keep things picked up.  I’m lovin’ it  

Here is something funny about yesterday, nobody knew exactly what time it started, lol.  My sister thought it started at 11:00, my mother thought it was 2:00, and I said it was 1:00, lol.  We kind of have a joke going in our family because we are so absentminded.  We can be having a conversation and if we are distracted at all, none of us can recall what we have been talking about, lol.  We figured that extended into the remembering the time of the party, lol.  Next year I will be sure to actually send invites, lol.

Well, today I am cleaning my bedroom up.  It became the dump room as I cleaned all the other areas of the house.  But I want it and my bathroom clean before Christmas.  You know that song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…."?  Well, all I want for Christmas is a nice clean house, a nice clean house…..  Might you be able to relate to that?

Well, I probably won’t blog again until after Christmas, so everyong have a very Merry CHRISTmas!