Today I have been fiddling with my blog again.  I made some small changes.  I moved the Christmas countdown banner to the bottom.  And I changed the color of my music player and I changed it so it doesn’t auto-start.  Now you can choose to listen to music or not.  I know that sometimes clicking onto a webpage and hearing music is irritating.  Maybe the children are alseep and you don’t want to wake them.  Maybe you don’t like the music etc.  So now you have a choice of listening or not.   I hope that makes visiting my blog more pleasant.

If anyone has any suggestions for music for me to add to my player I will be happy to listen to the song and see if it is available to add.  Providing of course that I like the suggestion, lol.  And please, only Christian music.

Well, I have played on the computer long enough for today.  I had better go and play house for a while