I learned that:

  • If your child bumps his head and the pupils aren’t the same size, you should go to the doctor
  • They test neurological function of child by doing something that looks a whole lot like Simon Says
  • If the hospital staff says it will take 15 minutes, translated into medical facility time that is 45 minutes
  • People watch horrible movies on t.v. with their children, and the hospital staff doesn’t monitor the public t.v. in the waiting room
  • honesty is the best policy, always
  • Moms are the BEST
  • And I was reminded the God is always faithful

Yesterday my boys were play wrestling with each other.  This should never be done in socks on a wood floor, which is something we all learned yesterday.  My youngest son slid onto the ground where his head hit the floor.  It was so loud that I am convinced that the neighbors heard it.  Immediately afterwards he had a large lump form, which isn’t good but nothing to rush to the e.r. for normally.  However my sons pupils weren’t the same size, so we did the shoe hunt and headed into the e.r., which just happened to be understaffed last night.  They were pretty slow, but eventually we saw the doctor.  She examined him and he was fine.  His pupils had gone back to normal by the time we arrived at the hospital, which was a 30 minute drive.  She had him eat some crackers and drink some juice to make sure he wasn’t nauseous, and then we got to go home. 

I had called my mother to let her know when we left for the hospital, and she came to the hospital with us.  That was really nice, because I forgot any knitting, and I could not stop yawning.  They forgot to get our information at the hospital for billing, so we stopped by on our way out to give them the info.  And not only did my Mom show up to keep us company and keep our spirits up, she got us out sooner by saying things that shy me never would.  And she paid our portion of the bill for us.  Someday I hope that I can be as good to my children when they are grown.

Yesterday was interesting and we did learn some things, but I hope to not learn any more of those lessons for a long time.