Yesterday my dryer broke.  It’s cold, I have about 10 loads of laundry to wash including dh’s work clothes that he needs tomorrow.  I hung some outside yesterday afternoon, and now it’s raining on them, lol.  The clothes I hung inside yesterday afternoon still aren’t dry.  We have less than $100 to get us through 2 weeks until dh is paid again, in which case we will be broke again because we have to pay the mortgage and dh has been missing work because there isn’t enough work.  So, I’m saying I can’t buy any indoor clothes dryers to put over the heating vents.  I can’t afford to go to the laundromat to dry because it’s $2 a load there.  We can’t fix it right now.  I don’t have any movable objects like chairs that I can use to put over the heating vents.  I have a bunch of hangers that scrounged around the house, enough for one load of laundry, and a shower curtain rod and doorways.  After 12-16 hours my laundry is still wet.

My computer screensaver is a scrolling marquee that says, "Trust Jesus ALWAYS".  I am trying to remember that.  If you all could pray that I could once again have that peace that I had yesterday, I would really appreciate it, lol.

This is a wonderful test for me.  And a great oppurtunity to see the Lord work miracles, lol.