The Lord was faithful, and He gave me creative ways to make drying space for the laundry.  I took and old decorative accordian room screen that we had, and removed the panels.  I stood it up, and now I have a place to hang clothes.  I also found an old wooden doorway baby gate, that we no longer use.  I placed it over two tv tables and I have more indoor clothes drying space.

At night, nothing dries.  But during the day things get almost dry.  So I figure that if I get my wash done early and hang it early, than the next day it will be dry and I can hang my next loads.

Dh and I talked.  We have decided that we will replace the dryer along with the washer that has another leak, sometime this year.  But probably not until July-ish.  They are both old for a bigger than average family, and the washer we have repaired a many times.

So, it’s working out without a dryer right now.  And I will save a bit of electricity which is good right now, as dh has been missing about 10 hours at work a week lately.