I am now 11 weeks pregnant.  We are very excited here.  The girls can hardly wait to meet the new baby.  The due date is November 20th, I am usually around 5 days late so we will see baby somewhere near Thanksgiving.  I went and had an u/s at 8 week where we say a baby that measured perfectly and had a really strong heartbeat.  I have had my times of being worried that something is wrong and I will lose this baby because of my previous two miscarriages in a row.  But I am trying really hard to trust the Lord and remember that He loves this baby more than I ever can and He has this little life in His hands.  And that is exactly where I want this new life to be.

I have been making out my list of things I will need for baby.  Since it’s been a few years and most of our baby stuff was worn out anyway, we need lots.  Some things I put on my list I am removing as our finances aren’t up to buying those items and since they are high ticket items (fancy cloth diapers, an Ergo carrier with infant insert etc.) I couldn’t see keeping on the list for others to buy if they wanted.  I would feel like it’s too expensive.

So far I have one newborn diaper courtesy of Pampers, lol.  I also have two newborn gowns in yellow and 5 receiving blankets.  I’m off to a good start eh?  Today I ordered fabric and notions to make a second baby blanket and to make 3 nursing covers.  One for the car and two for use at home.  My babies are big spitters usually so I think I will need a back up for when one is being washed.  I picked such pretty fabrics, I hope they turn out nicely.

Well, my morning sickness is coming back yet again so I had better lay down until it goes away again.  Have a wonderful day!