Life is certainly busy.  Here we have just gotten back from a trip to Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom, which was fun, and exhausting for this out of shape pregnant lady, lol.  The children all had lots of fun and so did I. 

After we got back, we had a 20 yard dumpster delivered to clean out the garage and back yard.  And the inside of the house.  Hubby and kids quickly cleaned the outside and garage and now I am slowly sorting things inside to get rid of.  It is really wonderful to just declutter and get rid of junk.  Our wooden swingset that was 12 years old had cracked and collapsed, so we had to junk that and many other things. 

Now, I want to get a small area fenced separate from the rest of the yard for doggie to do his business.  Instead of finding gifts scattered everywhere, ewwww.  My boys and I can do that on our own.

I just love having older boys.  Things that I can’t do, my boys can and it’s wonderful, they are a big help.

Well, it’s 6 a.m. here and the laundry is going and the dishwasher is busily scrubbing away.  The family is all still asleep and since for once I feel rested, I will enjoy my quiet time now.

I hope each of you get to have some peaceful quiet time too.