Well, my baby list is coming along really well.  I have a few small items to buy, and a few high ticket items to buy.  I am saving for the Ergo, but won’t be able to buy one until about the time baby comes.  And I have a little over half the money saved in my coin jar for the baby swing.  The pack n play would be wonderful, but isn’t a super high priority because we have a bassinet and crib etc. 

It turns out I’m anemic, so that explains my complete and total exhaustion.  Last night I fell asleep at 7:30 and didn’t wake up until 6 this morning.  Thank the Lord for an understanding husband.  I am supposed to be taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate in the morning and at night, but none of my local stores carry it.  So, tomorrow when I go to the doctor in the "big city" I will hunt for it.  Hopefully it makes me feel better.

On July 7th we get the unltrasound that lets us really take a good look at baby.  And hopefully we will find out if this little person is a boy or a girl.

I have been feeling some little movements every day that I am pretty sure are baby.  I figure that I’m feeling them earlier than I did with my others because I have been laying down a lot more because I’m tired so much.  I really enjoy knowing there is a little person growing inside me.

My emotions however are all over the place lately.  One minute I’m peaceful and happy and the next minute I’m wanting to cry because I feel like I’m the only one excited about baby.  Gotta love all those pregnancy hormones.

Well, it’s Father’s day today.  So, I need to rally my energy and get some breakfast made for my sweet husband.