The past months while I have been so ill with morning sickness my home has become a filthy mess.  I’m embarrassed and humbled by it.  To get things back together I have come up with a method that I will follow.  The reason I have chosen this method is because I’m a bit anemic and the iron isn’t helping yet, I have very limited energy still and tire easily.  Plus, I don’t know if you have ever looked into a room so messy that you were at a loss as to where to even start, but that is how several areas of my home are.  Sad to say, sigh.

So, I have a plan now that I can at least think clearly, lol.  I am going to take a spiral notebook and make a list of everything that needs to be done in one area for it to be clean.  Each part of the list will done with small doable jobs.  For instance, I won’t put organize the bookcase.  Instead I will put organize two shelves on bookcase.  Small jobs that I can accomplish one or two of a day along with several loads of laundry, meals and daily lessons.  This way I will systematically be getting an area cleaned and organized while at the same time keeping up with my regular daily activities.  And I won’t fail because I’m working with the amount of energy that I actually currently have.  Not my mental ideal.

I know it doesn’t sound like much.  But this is only my third week of cooking meals again, and doing daily school with the children.   We took a break of about 4 weeks while I was so bad off.  Early summer vacation, lol.

If I was brave I would post before/after pics of my messy rooms.  But I’m not all that brave I guess, lol.