With my new little one coming, I have been considering diapers.  I haven’t had to do diapers in a couple years now except for pull-ups at night.  And soon, I will be sewing some cloth bed-wetter pants, so I won’t have to do those. 

But in preparation I’m considering cloth or disposable for this baby.  For my others I used cloth, but I don’t have any cloth diapers left.  So, that means either squeezing out money from my already stressed grocery budget for disposable diapers.  Or buying cloth diapers again.  And  buying cloth dipes again opens up a whole new world of decisions.

There are some really cool cloth diapers out now days.  Of course most of the super cool dipes are out of my price range, lol.  I would love a stash of BumGenius dipes….but, well…..if you have looked at the price you can understand why that probably won’t happen.  So, I think I have settled on trying to squeeze out money for 3-6 BumGenius dipes, and then buying just pre-folds or flats and covers for the rest.  I’m leaning towards prefolds right now because there are some really great diaper packages out there that make ordering really simple for me.  As long as I can come up with the money, lol.

So, that means that I need to save dollars as well as cents.  I have been saving up my coins in a jar for a baby swing, and I’m up to $65 now.  I think that’s pretty good.  I’m going to have to save a bit more than that though for the diapers.  I’m now considering if I really want/need a baby swing.  Maybe the money I have saved should go towards diapers.  I mean how long do you really use a swing anyway?  Only a few months.  I’m pretty sure I can find a used bouncy seat at a thrift store between now and baby’s coming, and I think a bouncy seat with many siblings to amuse baby will work just as well as a swing.

Planning for baby on a shoestring is a bit challenging, but I honestly think more rewarding than just buying anything and everything you want for baby and not using half of it.  I would much rather really evaluate each purchase to ensure that it is something I will really use.

Well, I’m still groggy, so I’m going to catch a few winks before my sweeties awaken.