Doesn’t it feel good to get the bills paid?  Over the past few months as I’ve been so sick, I limped along as far as the bills were concerned.  I didn’t have the energy to think and because I wasn’t cooking, I couldn’t afford to pay everything because the grocery budget was way out of control.  It was miserable. 

But today, I paid the bills before the children woke up and sorted through a couple months worth of mail.  I got to toss a lot which eased my stress of the unknown, lol.  Then I went through everything and paid everything up to date.  Well everything except my natural gas bill, I don’t have a bill for that.  I’m hoping that’s a good thing as I paid two months worth last month, lol.  So next month I have only one more payment to the hospital for my ER visit and that is all paid. 

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that nothing is going to be shut off.  And doing what’s right and being faithful in paying things as they are due feels so good.  Even if afterwards you wonder how you can survive on what’s left in the bank  I will have to come up with 61 dollars for my doctor visit on the 7th of July to cover my payment and ultrasound copay.  But with my change jar and some checks I earned for taking surveys I think I can cover that, and buy groceries, lol.

And knowing that my Father in heaven is taking care of my family, I know I don’t have to worry.  We will be abundantly provided for.

So, I’m feeling pretty good that my bills are paid and I’m finally caught up.  Whew, it was a long time coming, and I don’t want to get behind again……ever.