I have been researching and researching cloth diapers.  I’ve had lots of fun looking at all the fancy diapers, and then coming back to reality when looking at my budget.  Which is not much.  I was able to do some creative financing, and I finally made a decision and ordered what will be the bulk of my diaper stash for the first 4-6 months.  Then I will need to upsize.

I ended up ordering:

A Momys friend blessed me with two nb prorap diaper covers so now I will have 9 covers to work with.  That will be my main diaper stash for this baby for the first months.  I will be trying to order 3-6 BumGenius One-Size diapers for night time diapering and for trips into town for the doctor etc.  For wipes I am buying the 4-pk of baby washcloths at Walmart that cost .97 each.  My goal is to have 4 dozen which should be enough to completely diaper this baby for the years needed.  I also would like a wet bag for the diaper bag, and a nice washable changing pad.  I’m rolling around ideas about making my own changing pad, but haven’t settled on whether or not I will.

There are some extra things that I would love to have, but they are along the lines of a wish list.  Not the type of thing I am going to stress about getting.  Here would be my wish list:

  • Cotton Babies One-Size Inserts  I would like to have a dozen of these.  But at $2.99 each, that would be $30.  Not a high priority with Christmas coming just around the corner.
  • Diaper Sprayer   This would be so nice for cleaning those messy diapers.  But once again at $40 this is not a high priority.
  • Wipes warmer with replacement pillows  This is totally a luxury.  One I’ve never used before with my other 6 children, but one I’ve secretly always wanted to try, lol.

That is pretty much my cloth-diapering wish list.  Now if I was really dreaming big, I would order 36 BumGenius One-Size diapers to go from 8-35 pounds.  But ummmm, $600 is just out of my price range currently  But if I were to dream big, that is how I would do it.

Now, having ordered from Little-Lions and not heard a singe thing from them, even though I sent an e-mail, I’m a little concerned.  But when I get my order, I will let you all know what I think of the quality of the diapers and the quality of the service there.  The prices were excellent, I really shopped around comparing prices in shopping carts for what I wanted and they were the cheapest.  There is one other place to get cloth dipes cheaper.  But after looking at them, and seeing they were 2-3-2 I felt I would have to double them up and I didn’t feel the durability was that good.  So I opted to spend a little more on what I bought.  And having used Dappi cloth diapers in the past, I knew they would wear faster.  But if your budget is stricter than mine this is a cheaper place to buy dipes.  The Dappi nylon pants are excellent!  The covers are awful.

So, I spent $114.70 so far on my diapers.  I will spend another $10 on wipes and another $50-$100 on BumGenius, but those will last for the remainder of my cloth diapering.  So I will have spent about $175-$225 on cloth diapers before baby is born.  Assuming I can come up with the money for the BumGenius diapers, lol.  I will need to spend more next year, but even if I end up spending $500 total for cloth diapering this baby, that is still far less than using disposable diapers for the duration of baby’s diapering days.  So, I feel pretty good.  And cloth diapering is so rewarding to me.  I love not having to worry about how many diapers I have or if I need to run to the store.  It’s freedom.