And it’s a GIRL!  So all this time when I have felt that it’s a boy, I must have been wrong.  I’m still a little bewildered though.  The doctor says she is 90% sure.  And as I’m learning with this doctor, she doesn’t give 100% so 90% is as close as I’m going to get, lol.

So, now to buy cute girlie clothes for her.  I did buy some pink infant gowns yesterday at Target, and two 6 month baby rompers at the thrift store. 

Which brings me to my current dissappoint in our thrift stores in my area.  The times I have gone, which isn’t all that often because it’s a drive to get there, but when I have gone, there isn’t a whole lot of great stuff.  Lots of worn out or broken things.  Some okay things, priced similarly to what I could buy it new on sale, and occassional good things for a good price.  I mean, worn out baby rompers and gowns for $3-$4 each?  What is up with that?  I can buy a package of two brand new ones for $8-$9, so why would I spend only slightly less to get worn out ones?  My daughter and I looked through every girl infant item they had to try to find good things.  But most just wasn’t worth it, as you can tell by the fact that we only bought two.

It used to be that every time I went to a thrift store I found all kinds of great stuff.  Especially for infants/toddlers.  I mean there used to be good quality used baby gear, now you find only broken down stuff that is dangerous to use.  And clothes……all of my other children were dressed with thrift store clothing from infancy to the point where the clothes are just too worn.  You know the ages that happens, I’m sure.  But for this little one, I think most of her clothes will be new only because the quality isn’t there any more at the thrift stores.  At least not on the days I can get there.

Well, I better get some chores done before my crew wakes up.  Have a wonderful day 🙂