Since our dryer is still out of commission we are still hanging laundry.  Now this is by choice for the summer because I noticed that our electric bill was $40 less each month without the dryer.  Needing to use a swamp cooler in the summer I thought it would be better to not use the dryer too.  So far it’s working nicely.  The only icky thing about it has been being pregnant in the heat.  And having fair skin I don’t enjoy being in the sun anyway.  So a couple weeks ago, I bought an inexpensive shade canopy for $20 and I put it over my clothesline.    Now it is so much nicer to hang my laundry out.  It is about 10-15 degrees cooler under the canopy and I don’t have to squint or have teary eyes because of the sun.  It’s wonderful.

While it’s true I’m not using the sun to bleach out stains, I’m also not having the sun fade our laundry.  And I do have a retractible clothesline for blankets and in the future to sun bleach my diapers

Now, I paid about $40 for my clothesline, I didn’t buy it from Amazon, and $20 for the canopy.  So $60 for a less expensive way to dry our laundry for the summer.  And considering that we are saving a minimum of $40 a month and have been drying our clothes without the dryer for about 3 months already I think that we saving a fair amount of money.

So, if you are pregnant and hot and need to hang your laundry outside, I highly reccomend adding a shade canopy.