I found this really neat pattern for a rectangular crochet basket.  The dimensions shown will be perfect to store my dry cloth baby wipes (a.k.a. baby washcloths) in when baby comes.  So, I am going to sort through my cotton crochet yarn and see if I have enough to make this.  If I don’t have enough cotton yarn I’m going to try with regular yarn and see how it turns out. 

I love to make crochet baskets, because they are super durable, and they can thrown in the washer.  Unlike traditional natural wood baskets, lol.

I’m using this pattern in case anyone else is game to make one.

For more crochet basket patterns look here.


Okay, I made one.  I didn’t have enough cotton yarn for it.  So I used some acrylic yarn for it.  I think it came out really well and it holds my baby washcloths that are 9"x9" folded in half perfectly.

Here is the finished product: