With baby and Christmas coming within a month of each other and certain things for the home and baby needing to be purchased before baby.  I have been wondering how I can fit everything in.  You see, in my world each paycheck barely squeeks to make it to the next paycheck.  And any money that I "save" from one the other ends up getting eaten up by surprises.  For instance, my current surprises that will come out of this paycheck are a new light fixture for the living room, and a new faucet and pipes for my kitchen sink.  The light fixture was unfortunately shattered by some rough housing boys.  And mysteriously my faucet has broken and become unattached to the sink itself.  And at the same time that happened my pipes under the sink have all decided to leak…..big time.  So, my sweet husband gets to become an electrician and plumber.

So, that is why saving money at this time in  our life is such a challenge.  I keep trying, I really do.  Also before baby comes I need to repair or replace my dryer, it depends on how much the repair costs.  I don’t want to be without a dryer in the winter with a new baby.  And of course the children have had the nerve to grow, so winter clothes need to be purchased.  And as far as my boys go, they can’t be purchased at a thrift store because they are all odd sizes, sigh.   And three of my children will have birthdays before baby comes.  So I of course will want to get them each a gift, lol.

So, figuring out how many pay periods are left before Christmas and what still needs to be bought/repaired, I was really wondering how Christmas was going to happen at all.

I have come up with a solution I think.  Every two weeks when I go shopping from here until the end of November, I will buy a gift card from Walmart.  That is where I primarily buy my groceries currently (it’s what’s available).  I will hide these, (probably have my husband hide them, lest I decide to go on a baby shopping spree in a moment of weakness).  Then in December I will use these for my groceries, and I will use our actual cash for Christmas shopping.  That way I’m not limited to doing all my shopping for Christmas at Walmart, I will be able to shop wherever. 

It may make more sense to get all of the Christmas prep done before baby comes, but sometimes children say they want one thing and then at the last minute they change their minds.  And so for that reason, I decided to do it in December.  Also, in late pregnancy shopping is more torture for me than enjoyment.  I would much rather be out shopping briefly when I can walk comfortably with baby.

So, for now this is my plan.