I’m so excited!  Today I recieved my cloth diaper order from Little-Lions.  I ordered 3 dozen infant Indian unbleached prefolds, 3 snappis, 5 small Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in white, 2 small Bummis Super Brite’s in white, and 6 microfleece liners.  Most of it came as a package together, I added a dozen prefolds and the two Super Brite’s to my order.

I recieved my order within two weeks, which is really fast.  I had sent an email correcting my shipping address to them, but never recieved a response.  My order was shipped to my correct address though, so my email was recieved.  My 2 Super Brite’s are being shipped separately, which I assume means that they were backordered at the time.  In my box I recieved one extra diaper cover of the type and size I ordered, so I need to contact them to pay for it.  I also recieved a free sample of their cloth wipes.  They are really nice quality.  I am really glad that I didn’t see it before I bought my baby washcloths to use as wipes, or I would be wanting them, lol.  They are about $1 each unless you buy multiples then they are slightly cheaper.

All in all, I’m pleased with Little-Lions.  I’m sure that my other two covers will come soon, and that there won’t be any problems in correcting the slight problem of the extra cover.  And honestly I’m glad they sent the extra because an extra is always a good thing.


This weekend, I ordered from Cotton Babies a Bum Genius One Size diaper and one One-Size Insert Sock.  As far as the diaper goes, I can only afford to buy one at a time, lol.  But if I buy one every two weeks then by the time baby comes I should have about half a dozen.  The Insert Sock I want to see dimensions and how it is designed.  If I can get my sewing machine to cooperate, I will try making my own, but right now it’s not working right.  I recieved a shipping confirmation from Cotton Babies today so I know they shipped my order out.  That is just with the economy shipping there, so that is pretty fast I think.

It’s just so exciting to see things coming together in preparation for this new member of our family!