Today has been one of those days.  You know the type.  The kind where you have something that you want really bad, but try as you might you cannot figure a way to get it.  So, you fret and fret and wonder how you will manage it.  In your mind you are convinced that what you WANT is what you NEED.  I’m sure that you have experienced those types of days….or maybe you haven’t, lol.

Well, after spending the day contemplating how to get what I want or should I say what I think I need, something wonderful happened!  The Lord changed my heart so fast it was like flicking a light switch.  He just popped the thought into my head that nothing awful would happen if I didn’t have that item.  It sounds silly but it was an INCREDIBLE revelation to my slow self that I didn’t NEED it.  Boy do I feel rediculous now for fretting about something so silly.  And boy am I SO happy that the Lord spoke to my heart and freed me from the foolishness of my self.