Yesterday I checked the mail and received a package from Little-Lions again.  It wasn’t a surprise as I was waiting for two remaining diaper covers that had been backordered.  What was a surprise was to open it and find a fitted diaper in addition to my two covers!  It was a nice surprise, lol.

I had been wondering about these because they are very affordable and I thought they would make great diaper bag dipes, or even overnight dipes.  But I wasn’t sure because you can only tell so much from the picture and description.

Well, after holding one in my hand I think it’s a great diaper.  It is soooo soft and cushy.  I have one leftover Motherease one-size diaper from previous babies, and this has more thickness than that diaper as a comparison, so I anticipate it being more absorbant.  My ME I never considered super absorbant for a heavy wetter.  It seems sized generous, so if you wanted them to fit your newborn you would totally need the newborn size.  Unless you wanted to do some creative folding and didn’t mind the extra bulk.

And pricing is fantastic!  They have a special where you buy 2 you get one free.  That makes them $6 each.  Such a deal.  And if you want them a bit fancier they do have colored versions, but they aren’t included in the sale.

My thoughts are that I think I will try to get some of these when I can afford it.  This paycheck it won’t happen as we have a birthday coming.  Yay!  But next paycheck… never know

I have to say that my experience with Little-Lions this far has been excellent, and I highly reccomend them.