If the ax is dull and it’s edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.  Ecclesiastes 10:10

As I read this verse yesterday I couldn’t help but think about what it meant.  It didn’t mean, throw away the ax and go buy a new one.  It didn’t mean just give up, it’s hopeless.  It means it takes more strength and knowlege, but you can succeed, even with worthless tools.

As I read this verse I realized that there is no excuse for a home in disorder because it’s small, or because it isn’t arranged in a manner that makes sense.  There is no excuse because "my house makes it hard to keep clean".  No, it just means that I have to have more strength and diligence and that I have to learn more.  I need to seek out solutions to work with what I have. 

So my interpretations of this verse today is:

If my house is small and arranged poorly, more strength and energy is needed, but with skill I can have an orderly home.

What do you think?  Does God give us an excuse, or does He make it clear we need to stop whining