I have been working on some crochet projects recently and I just have to laugh when I realize how many times I have to pull something out because of interruptions.  Usually only my girls will interrupt me when I am counting out something, but occassionally my boys will too.  It’s just funny how many times I have to restart something. 

I’m sure you are thinking, "why don’t you just work on them when the children are asleep"?  Let me share with you my reasons.  First, sleep is a precious commodity to me lately, so when the children are sleeping you can bet I am too.  And second, when things get a little crazy or have been a little crazy some needle work keeps me calm.  And during school time, the needle work can help prevent me from being frustrated if I have to explain over and over the same thing 10 different ways  So, that is why I don’t do it when the children are sleeping. 

I do find it amazing that anything gets completed at all.  And sometimes I start things that after multiple restarts I just scrap and don’t bother to actually finish, lol.

So, do you restart your needle craft projects over and over?